Janelle Mueller

During Ms. Mueller’s 10+ years of fisheries science experience, she has worked as a field and lab biologist in the Alaska Sockeye Salmon fishery and led a team through data management and significant policy changes for the Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass fishery. Janelle also worked on small-scale fisheries management with Rare, Inc. in Indonesia, The Philippines and Brazil and more recently supported project management and data analysis for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology, Fisheries Statistics group. Ms. Mueller has a demonstrated ability to manage teams and projects at the domestic and international level and has an exceptional ability to communicate scientific and managerial information effectively and efficiently.

Janelle currently works as an Environmental Data Analyst with CSRA, Inc., where she is a data-oriented problem solver providing specialized support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In this position, Janelle is working to assess compliance with regulations and programmatic requirements under EPA programs; develop audit plans and methodologies for recurring compliance issues and conduct statistical evaluations of program data. 

Ms. Mueller has her M.S. in Fisheries from The University of Alaska Fairbanks and her B.S. from Portland State University. Janelle spends her free time training for races, cooking, enjoying the outdoors, and visiting with her nearby family in Baltimore.

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