Calling All Writers!


WAN and sevenseas magazine want to hear your story!


Attention WAN writers! We are looking for contributors for an upcoming WAN-driven feature in SevenSeas Magazine on the importance of women in marine science and conservation. 


Looking for articles in these categories: 

  • Personal - For example, What’s it like being a woman in your organization / role? What did it take to get here? What’s your experience as a woman working in the marine/aquatic field? 


  • Work - For example, What is your area of focus? What’s a cool and unique project you’re working on? A recent achievement? What drove you to work in this field? What is your work environment like for women in the field?


  • Travel - For example, Working on a specific issue in one of the Seven Seas? Have a recent work trip? Frequent a specific place for your work? Tell us about your experiences traveling to these areas and working in a different environment. How has being a woman in the marine field shaped your relationship to this place / affected your experience / made it possible for you to do what you do and why?


  • WAN - For example, What drove you to WAN? What is your personal relationship with the organization? Did you meet your current boss at a happy hour / heard about a job through Speed Mentoring? What is your WAN success story and why do you think organizations like WAN are important?


If you have a related story to share and time to write in August, please contact Include your preferred category, 3-5 sentences on what you’d like to write about specifically, and a sample writing piece (optional). Space is limited.