WAN Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy

Being a socially and environmentally conscious organization, the Woman’s Aquatic Network (WAN) is committed to actions and decisions that support the organization’s goals of 1) promoting the role of women in marine, coastal, and aquatic affairs and 2) protecting the environment by minimizing our impact by working with our members, partners, vendors, and community to advance responsible environmental practices and continuous improvement.

WAN constantly strives to internalize and implement our sustainability and social responsibility policy. We encourage our community to hold us accountable to these goals and identify areas where we as an organization need to be more cognizant of our limitations.

Business Ethics and Transparency

WAN is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and non-profit governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its operations, and to promote confidence in its governance systems.

WAN will conduct its business in an open, honest, and ethical manner.

WAN recognizes the importance of protecting all of our human, financial, physical, informational, social, environmental, and reputational assets.

WAN will advise its partners, vendors, and suppliers of its Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy, and will work with them to achieve consistency with this policy.

WAN celebrates the diversity of its membership (including, but not limited to diversity of sector, age, gender identification, heritage), and recognizes the value this diversity brings to our community. WAN seeks to have all programming accessible to people of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities.


Environmental Sustainability

WAN is committed to environmental protection and stewardship. From our events to our messages, the organization will strive for excellence in practicing what we preach.

 WAN recognizes that pollution prevention and resource conservation are key to a sustainable environment, and will integrate these concepts into decision-making and procurement.

 WAN will use reusable or environmentally-friendly alternatives at WAN-organized events and functions whenever possible for catering utensils, packaging, and supplies.

WAN will aim to encourage public transit or support transportation options that reduce our carbon/energy footprint.


Community Involvement

WAN strives to promote and advance the role of women, and those who identify as female, in marine, coastal, and aquatic affairs and across our community. This commitment is visible in our contributions of financial decisions, events and partnerships, and volunteer support and mentorship in the community.

WAN will seek out and support women-owned and -operated businesses whenever possible.

WAN will actively support initiatives in our local communities that advance and celebrate the strong careers and opportunities for women, especially young professionals and students.

WAN encourages our membership to contribute time and energy in leadership and other roles in community organizations that help achieve WAN’s mission.